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Behold the Hotel Shanley, widely considered to be the most haunted hotel on the East Coast. So haunted even, that you have to sign a waiver just to stay there. Tucked in the quiet Shawangunk Mountains of Ulster County, this picturesque farmhouse (okay, we know it looks straight out of a horror flick) is home to 35 rooms, a hidden basement chamber and a bunch of paranormal activity. Since it was first built in 1895, The Hotel Shanley has been the site of many tragedies including the infant deaths of the original owner's three children and the loss of the on-site barber's daughter (she fell into a well) as well as several accidental deaths, missing persons and reports of murder throughout the years. It's no wonder then that supernatural happenings have been reported at all times of day and night at the inn, especially in
the part that used to be a Prohibition-era brothel and speakeasy. Upon entering the 'Bordello,' guests have reported "feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath, heaviness and feelings of joy/sadness." Paranormal investigators have corroborated the guests' experiences with photographs and EVPs showing supernatural activity. So if spine-tingling thrills are your thing, The Hotel Shanley is your paranormal vacation hot spot. Here's some of the fun you can expect during your stay: empty rocking chairs rocking on their own, mysterious clock chimes, hot spots, cold spots, disembodied footsteps and whistling (said to be from the deceased former owner James Shanley), and children laughing when there are none around. Some guests have even reported seeing moving objects and apparitions, or feeling as if they're being watched or followed. See what all the spooky hubbub is about and book your trip today. Just please, please, please come back alive!

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