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Straw Set On Natural Hair Style Demo

. WASH YOUR HAIR FIRST The first step in doing a straw set for black hair should be to thoroughly clean your hair before the actual straw set process. Because black hair is fragile, you should make sure that you are using the best shampoo possible for your hair type. 2. CONDITION YOUR HAIR For this straw set, and for basic everyday use, any basic conditioner will do the trick. Using the right conditioner is not nearly as important as using the correct type of shampoo for black hair. *DO NOT DRY YOUR HAIR AFTER YOU CONDITION IT! 3. MOISTURIZE YOUR HAIR After your hair has been washed and conditioned, you will need to use a light moisturizer. Put a little bit of your favorite moisturizer in your hands and run it through your hair. Make sure to moisturizer your scalp as well. I used motions, oil moisturizer deep penetrating silk protein conditioner. It's like a two in one (conditioner and treatment) 4. DISTRIBUTE SETTING LOTION THROUGHOUT YOUR HAIR Spray your hair lightly with a couple of bursts of setting lotion. Remember, the more setting lotion you use the tighter the set, and vice-versa. 5. ARRANGE YOUR HAIR INTO A MANAGEABLE STATE Take your wide-tooth
comb and VERY GENTLY arrange your hair in a way that makes it easy to manage. Make sure that it mirrors the way that you want your spiral curls to fall when you are done. *A wide-tooth comb should always be used on black hair. Use narrow tooth combs for parting your hair only. 6. DISBURSE THE STRAWS THROUGHOUT YOUR HAIR Grab a straw and about an inch-width of hair and wrap it around the straw in a spiral fashion. Roll the hair up into a tight spiral, then pin it with the bobby pins. Complete this step until you are finished with your entire head. This takes a more than a little bit of time, so you will want to get comfortable. For maximum health of black hair, you should allow your hair to air dry. For a more polished look, you can let your hair dry underneath the hair dryer if this method is used, make sure to utilize a small but adequate amount of thermal hair protector in step three. When you are completely finished you will have a head full of beautify curls. Try Nairobi Foam Wrap to help set your curls.purchase here!!

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