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How To | Color Natural Hair Red

What color do you want? Beach blond? Auburn? Red? If your hair is naturally dark, coloring hair very light is "always a risk," according to Branch. Hair must be bleached, meaning a chemical (usually ammonia) will "decolorize" the hair, then add the lighter color to the "blank slate." This is pure chemistry. Professional expertise is advised. "Hair that is dark typically bleaches to an orange or yellow stage, which is usually unflattering. The colorist must have a grasp of
color theory to know what colors to deposit on hair to remove the unwanted yellow or orange tone," Branch says. But if you want to go with a color that is less drastic, there's always the do-it-yourself store-bought color. Do-it-yourself jobs should really only be for temporary rinses and semi-permanent color. Regardless, read and follow the instructions to the tee. Just like you wouldn't disregard instructions for a major reconstructive protein treatment, you shouldn't ignore box directions.

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