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STEPS TO DOING THE BIG CHOP By Gems Natural Hair Care So you're thinking about going natural and you just don't know what to do with your hair. You first have to find a good natural stylist to hello you on this journey. Deciding to stop chemicals it's not only a physical change but a psychological change. I have clients that come to me and say that they are natural because they just stopped relaxer. This is not true it takes several years to become fully natural. First you need to realize that your body is still circulating all of those chemicals that you has been using over the years. The first year of deciding to stop chemicals will be the hardest because you will be going through Chemical withdrawal. This is why you will hear a lot of women se that they had tried to go natural several times. Here we will tell you a few steps that you should take before going down the road towards being natural. 1. Do your research. This is very important because you want to know exactly what you are going to come across. you can find a lot of information on going natural on our blog called and also like us on facebook at Hair Talks Mag 2. It is good to wait at least 3 months before doing the big chop. This will give your hair is time to grow and it will give you time to start getting used could not getting relaxers. 3. Make an appointment at your local Hair Salon. Make
sure you get a consultation. Also the stylist should be licensed and proficient on the care natural hair. 4. Transitioning meaning not cutting all the relaxer off at one time is an option however you need to be going to get but ends trimmed off at least once a month. the only pitfall to transitioning is that it makes your hair less manageable and it opens the hair to more breakage if you do not keep up your maintenance of your transitioning hair. 5. Make sure that you are getting treatment when going to the salon and make sure that you have good hair products at home for in between Salon visits. we offer a product line that is great transitioning hair. It is called Nairobi. You can purchase these products at the GEMS store Using professional products will make your life much easier during this transitional period. 6. if you're going to do the big chop all at once make sure that the stylist or barber give you a good cut to fit your facial shape. This is very important because everybody's facial shape is different and there are cuts formulated for each facial shape. A woman's haircut should be round not square. 7. get ACESORIES like earrings makeup scarf and whatever you like to wear to dress up your new look. Don't be ashamed of your TWA because all of us naturals have to go through that stage. So be proud of your hair decision and rock it proudly. If you are in love with your hair others will follow. Stay curly!!!

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