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How To Blend Your Leave Out With Curly Hair Extensions

Is your hair naturally curly but you want to temporarily experiment with straight hair? Or do you wish your relaxed hair could contour into bouncy curls? Well, hello, weave! Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble has often said, "if you can't grow it, sew it!" And, while getting a sew-in is rather simple, blending your leave out seems to be troublesome - especially if you have a fear of heat damage. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, the star of LA Hair, who has slayed the manes of everyone, from Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige to Zendaya Coleman, shared the best techniques to ensure your hair flawlessly blends with your weave of choice. With the right tools and products, she said you can manipulate your hair to match the texture of any weave. Straight For straight
hair, Kimble recommends leaving out as little hair as possible. Women with relaxed hair have the easiest time blending their hair with straight weave. Kimble said, "the leave-out for thick hair would be about an inch and a half wide. The thinner it is, the more you would have to leave out - about three to four inches." For women with curly hair, like Kimble, opt for a closure when installing straight hair. Wavy To blend your hair with wavy weave Kimble suggested a good twist out. By twisting your leave-out with the extension hair, you can make sure the patterns match," said Kimble. "To maintain the blending at night, you can twist the hair and set it in a bun. The technique works whether you have relaxed hair or a natural hair pattern."

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