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How To: Faux Locs Crochet Braids Tutorial

Protective Styles can be a great means of retaining hair growth if done correctly, and I tend to focus more on growth retention during the cold winter months when it is easiest for your hair to become damaged. Earlier in the season I discussed the popularity that faux locs were gaining. If you didn't know I recently installed my own set of Faux Locs as a protective style a few weeks ago and hands down this protective style has become my all time favorite protective styling option. Now of course with that said you can tell there is going to be a clear bias when I lay down the pros and cons of this particular protective style but I will give you the best of both worlds to help you make your own decision when deciding how to protective style this winter season. Cons Of Faux Locs: 1. Sticking Together: After watching loads of Youtube videos, and doing my research on this particular protective style I never ran across any issues with the locs actually sticking together. But once I started talking about them more often I ran into a few other people who had the same issue. My faux locs DO stick together unless I constantly keep them moisturized which I do not always do. There is a way of alleviating it, however it is still a bit annoying to have to pry them apart from one another in order to complete my next hair style. 2. Fuzz Balls/ Frizziness: Of course some frizziness is to be expected with Marley hair and I honestly feel that the frizziness in moderation gives the faux locs character and gives them a more natural appearance, however too much frizziness can make it seem very messy and unkempt. Thus requiring a few touchups here and there depending on
how maintain them. You can alleviate some of this frizziness by moisturizing, reburning the hair, and sleeping with a satin scarf or bonnet (which I have not done). However the fuzz that builds up on the hair is just out of control and unavoidable. Like I said it is cold out here in NYC which requires sweaters and scarves! Well... the hair always seems to hold on a bit to those articles of clothing leaving fuzz balls on the hair that can be a nuisance to take off. 3. Weight: Faux Locs can be a bit daunting to wear because they are a 2 for one protective style to so say. Depending on the method you choose to use when installing your hair you can end up with some serious extra LBS on top of your head which can eventually lead to neck/back pain. Fortunately I haven't had to go through this issue as I chose to use the method of installing faux locs that required as little hair as possible while still giving me amazing results. I only used 4.5 packs of Marley Hair! If you haven't seen the video of my installation process take a peek at the video below to see how I achieved this. 4. Slipping & Sliding: My initial install resulted in plenty of touchups during the first week. However once I tweaked my methods that stopped happening. You want to make sure you properly install the hair the first time around because the hair can become unraveled from the root and or slide right off of your hair. On the extreme other end you also want to make sure you do not install too tightly around the root as you can cause too much tension which can lead to alopecia if done repeatedly in the long run.

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