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Ways To Lose Your Edges

girl with hair in ponytail Girl, those thinning edges are NOT cute. Whether you are relaxed or natural, many of us black women, unfortunately,suffer from what I like to call "the STRUGGLE!" We love our weaves, braids, wigs, high buns and chemicals. We love all the things that just tear those edges up! There comes a point where you have to decide is it worth it? Balding isn't just some condition for older people, it can happen to you! Luckily, if you have some hair left around your edges, there may be hope. However, if the skin around your hairline is slick and smooth like a scar, you may be in for some trouble. This could be a sign of irreparable damage. The key to growing your edges back is to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That's right! For once, you should do nothing. The problem is that you've been doing too much. Here are three things to stop doing to your hair. 1.Heavy BrushingWe all have that one friend who still uses the plastic, hard-bristled brush. She routinely takes water and
uses the brush to slick down those stray hairs so she can have that smooth, desirable style. This has got to stop. Hard brushing with tough bristles is ripping out your hair and thinning your edges. If you need to brush, make sure you are using a firm but soft bristled brush. If you want to lay stray hairs down, try wrapping your scarf around your hairline to set things in place. Ever put your hair in a ponytail or bun so tight that it feels like your head is stretching? Ever have braids so tight that it gives you a headache? Tsk, tsk, tsk. These are ruining your hairline. There is absolutely no reason why you need to wear your hair styled so tight. Unless you want a hairline that looks like it's running away from your forehead I suggest you try gentle styling. Your braids don't have to be so tight in order for the style to last. If your body is feeling pain because of your hairstyle, it's not right. Take heed! 2.Chemicals Yes, we all have those moments where we want to switch it up. Sort of like how Rihanna has a new hair do each week. What we don't realize is that when celeb's change their hair, it's oftentimes not theirs! Not only that, but they have professionals who are taking very good care of their natural tresses between each transition. So while you may want red hair this week and blonde next, I'm guessing your edges are screaming and crying NO! It is absolutely crazy for you to subject your hair to these back-to-back chemical treatments.

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