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BY JENNA WHY DID YOU CHOOSE HAIR AS YOUR CAREER? WELL WHERE DO I START? I LOVE BEING AROUND PEOPLE AND HELPING THEM. THAT HAS BEEN APART OF ME SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL. Beauty just runs in my veins. I have a few aunts and cousins who did hair. I started out as being a nurse. I thought that nursing was going to be my career. I tried but it was not a good fit. I did not want to be around that element. I simply was not built for that enviroment.I always did my own hair. I braided my hair, and colored my hair. I always wanted to wear the latest trends. So one day I just decided to go to hair school. This was back in 2003. I attempted to go to hair school. I was not ready. The school was all over the place. It was not structured and the teachers were not knowlegable. I could not learn in that type of enviroment. So I became a beauty school drop out......TWICE. WELL THEY SAY THAT THREE... is the charm. The Lord directed me to another school. This school was just what I needed. I was like a fish out of water. I literally was starting from scratch. I did not even know how to put a roller on a piece of hair. I did not know how to finger wave or flat iron. I literally had to learn how to do real people hair in school. So I just became a sponge and absorbed what I could. I was one of the oldest in my class. I did not let
that stop me though.I studied and I made sure that I was the first person there everyday. I just took my schooling seriusly. My husband was truly my support system. I did not work for 11 months. I literally was just bringing home tips. He helped me study he met me at school every night because I pulled doubles to get out faster. Those 11 months prepared me for this field. I credit my schooling to making me the senior cosmetologist that I am today. This field is not easy. If you are looking for a handout you will starve. Every client that I have ever touched has been partially from my own steam. I credit the Lord for the rest. He really has brought me some awesome clients over the years. Some has stayed but many are just one timers. It is because of this reason that you can not give up. You must be always marketing for new clients.Before the Lord blessed me with my Salon....I worked at 7 hair salons. I literally learned everything I know from the 7 salon owners that I was blessed to work for. I truly paid my dues. This field in 2016 has taken me through many adventures. I teach, I have become a broadcaster on Facebook and I have learned how to sell awesome products while on a live platform.No matter how many obstacles that has come my way, I never left this field. It has truly been good to me and I am looking forward to some wonderful things. I have also written a E-Book which you can purchase from Gems Beauty Store it's is called I'm Bringing Healthy Hair Back! it is a great read I hope that you like it. TO GOD BE THE GLORY,FOR HE HAS TRULY BLESSED ME AND MY CAREER.

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