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Tips On Taking Care Of Your Hair While Transitioning To Natural.

Tips on taking care of your hair while transitioning to natural.  So you have decided to GO NATURAL. Some women are courageous enough to do the BIG CHOP. Others are not just ready to be fully commited. I did the big chop over 10 years ago. It was freeing  experience for me . I think that it was much easier for me. I just feel, because I am a professional that transitioning takes a lot more work
due to the fact that it is more fragile. The two textures together (relaxed and natural) cause breakage and dryness. Products for natural hair are geared towards women with a curly texture. There are some hairstyles that can conceal that you are transitioning like braids, havana twist, weaves, dreadloc extension (faux locs), rod set etc.  The limp ends of the relaxer can really ruin a some natural styles like twistouts. Hopefully this helps you on your transitioning journey!

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