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Trusting Your Hair Stylist With Your Natural Hair

Building trust with your hairstylist is very important  Unfortunately going to the hair salon is not an easy decision all the time. Most of us suffer from what I like to call "Stylist anxiety". This is very common. There are a lot of hair stylists that claim to know how to care for natural hair,  but they are not very competent in it. This causes alot of our worries. You only have to have one bad situation to make you feel scared to go to a natural salon. So before you choose a salon you have to figure out what you would like to accomplish with your hair. A stylist needs you to be clear on things so that she or he can help you get to that destination. A lot of us naturals looks forward to becoming natural because we feel that it will be cheaper. That could not be further from the truth. Between products, a good hair stylist and different looks, we have to make a budget just to keep our hair
up. Sometimes it is good to treat ourselves. It is a luxury to have someone to do your hair. Being knowledgeable about our own hair is very beneficial. This is so we know what hair service we would like to have done once we go to the salon. You don't want the stylist to recommend things that you don't want or need. This will help you save some money. A good way to find a good natural hair stylist is to get a consultation. During the consultation you and the stylist will be able to discuss your hair needs. During this time you can find out if it will be a working relationship. It is very important to make sure that you are on the same page. A lot of mistakes happens because there is not a conversation between you and the stylist. Once you find a good hair stylist, try your best to stick with that stylist. A good stylist is hard to find so keep her on deck once you find her.

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