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Is Your Natural Hair Preventing You From Getting A Job?

I know that having natural hair makes you feel young fresh and new, however before going natural or wearing your natural hair you have to consider the way that your job and co-workers may look at your hair choice.  I have been rocking natural hair going on 11 years and it was hard for me to get a position at a regular job and in a salon because of my locs. When I started locking my hair I did not think about how others would take it. Don't get me wrong my hair choice is not based on others opinions, however you have to realize that you are out in society and they will form Opinions on their own. I remember back in 2007 I went for an interview at an apparel shop that based hiring me on the neatness of my Locs. So basically she told me that my job would be contingent on me maintaining the neatness of my hair. Natural Hair is beautiful and its a gift that we African American women have. It is awesome because our hair comes out in different textures. Each one of our textures needs love though. You cannot neglect your hair just because you are natural. I feel employers see how some women wear their hair and the fact that it is not always kept, makes them blanket all naturals together. A few of my clients have told me that their bosses  have told them that they have to put a weave or a wig to cover their tresses. I think that this is wrong, however I think that we as naturals
have to be conscious about our hair and what it represents. With this being said I am going to give you some tips on hairstyles and techniques so you can obtain a job and keep it. If you are in TWA status please make sure that you maintain plenty of moisture in the hair so the natural curl will be visible. I am suggesting using a nice foam wrap with a moisturizing agent in it. Nairobi foam wrap is the best. Another good thing about the TWA stage is that it is wash and go. You can just put a good foam wrap in tussle your hair with your fingers and than just go. Also you need to maintain a good stylist that can give you good shape ups. Shape ups give your hair a style and it keeps it from looking un-kept. Please do not allow your hair to start to intertwine. This happens when you do not comb your hair. The only naturals who do not need a comb are the people who are locking their hair. Another good hairstyle for hair that is four inches or longer is a twist out. You can also put your hair in double strands. Make sure that your stylist makes the double strands to conform to your face. You can also have braided styles. Make sure that this style is a once in a while thing though because traction alopecia can occur. These styles just mentioned will help give your hair form and manageability. What are some of your stories that you may have about your natural hair at your Job?

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