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REVIEWS ON NAIROBI RECOVERY DROPS.This product works well. I was introduced to it by my hair stylist. My edges were fallen out after pregnancy. And this product did wonders! You want to use this cream for your edges because the front of your hair is the most sensitive part of your hair. So all you have to do is just use a little bit wherever you feel you have light spots. I initially bought it for my daughter because her hair on her hairline has fallen out badly. So I am still using it on her. Will do another review in a couple of more months to give accurate results.Although I have used my regular hair care products that have proven to be quite beneficial with achieving hair growth, my edges have always been thinner than the rest of my hair. I started using Nairobi Recovery consistently only on my edges, and my edges have truly filled in. The biggest contributing factor for the thinning of my edges was the use of relaxers. I stopped getting relaxers, continued using my regular hair care products on my hair, and incorporated Nairobi Recovery into my regimen by lightly applying it only to my edges on a daily basis, and I can honestly say that my edges are much fuller and has nearly caught up with the rest of my hair with regards to thickness, and I have very thick hair. I know that petrolatum is one of the "no
no" ingredients that is listed in this product, but so does BB Super Gro Maximum strength, which I use on the rest of my hair, and my hair and edges have responded well to both products. I do, however, shampoo/co-wash on a regular basis, so I guess there is not enough time for my pores to clog. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with thinning edges. I would assume that it would be good for thinning hair if anyone has that problem because the edges are the easiest to damage but the most difficult to grow back; if it works well on the edges, then I'm sure it will work well on the rest of the I am from African decent, I lost my hairline to braids, had it bald and decided to grow it back with the help of braids. After the second time of wearing braids, I decided "no more", my hairline was going. I decided to corn-row and wear a wig, my hairdresser who does the corn-row saw the damage to my hairline and told me to try the product.Its now 1 1/2 months, my hairline is almost fully back. Like one reviewer said (which I read before purchasing), you have to be consistent and patient, its not a "miracle grow", its not "you didn't see me, now you do". its a process, each time I pulled out my hair, I noticed the improvement.Definitely recommend this product.

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