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Tips On Havana Twists

Marley Twists, Havanna Twist or Kinky Twists are two strand twists with extension hair known as Kinky Twist Hair instead of the typical braiding hair. Kinky Twist Hair very closely resembles natural hair textures. That's what gives it the natural look the people are looking for.Havanna twists are different from Marley twist because each section is parted a little bigger.  This style is great to wear anytime of the year but is very popular in the summer time.Be gentle when styling your Havana twists. Many women wear their Havana twists  or braids in a high bun on top of their heads, although it's a really cute style, it creates a lot of pressure. The roots
of each Havana twist then becomes "overdirected" meaning that this style of wearing them bends your hair root in a direction it doesn't naturally grow in which could cause your individual hairs to literally be pulled out of the hair follicle and lead to hair damage and hair loss.  If you have your heart set on wearing a bun at the top of your head, do so for short periods of time and be sure to let your twists down each night before you go to bed.This a great hairstyle and you can personalize and add flair to it by adding different color hair. We recommend that you try this hairstyle at least once!

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