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Loving My Hair Even More That I'm Natural

Loving my hair even more that I'm natural Going natural has helped many women over the years. Letting go of the chemicals is not easy but once it is done it's awesome. It invigorate the hair and causes the hair to come alive. Every time that chemicals are placed on your hair you risk breakage and thinning. The difficult thing about this process is learning what products and utensils to use on your new head of natural hair. This process is different for everyone. You are really going to have to experience trial and era. Don't get discoraged we all have been through it. Next are some naturals from our community page who has expressed what they have learned about their hair after going natural. I hope that this helps you out on your journey. --My curl pattern, texture and how beautiful my hair is w/o a relaxer. --The thickness!! I love it! --How
curly and wavy my natural hair is! --I didn't know That hair needed moisture, that hair shouldn't be manipulated every day. That my texture and curl pattern are beautiful. That my hair could grow so healthy. That I would actually enjoy learning my hair. There's a few things that I just didn't know. --I didn't know about co washing, rinsing the conditioner out with cold water to seal the moisture in, and about these Shea moisture products that works wonders on the hair unlike any of the others that I was told about. I just enjoy absorbing all the information about what will make this journey a success. --I've learned how water is a great moisturizer for my hair! I use to run inside every time I saw a hint of rain coming. Now I stroll and enjoy the scenery! --My curl pattern the thickness. Join our Facebook community for more tips.

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