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The Importance Of Trimming Hair

The importance of trimming hair! Some might say that they would like to grow their hair so therefore they will not cut their hair. This may seem like the best thing to do but it is not. With all of the wear and tear of daily combing and brushing and detangling you are putting a lot of tension on the ends. Trimming these ends will block you from traveling down the road of breakage and damage to your hair. You should be getting a trim at least once every 6 weeks. If you get your hair blown out than you should get your ends trimmed with each straightening. While transitioning from relaxer to natural hair, you must trim off the relaxer. I suggest that you do the big chop, however some women are not ready for this. So while
transitioning you should be going to your hairstylist at least once a month for them to trim off the relaxer little by little. When you do this successfully you will see that your hairstyles will last longer. Remember Natural hairstyles are for natural hair. Hairstyles like double strands, starter locs, comb coils, twist outs are for natural hair. More explicitly Hair with a curled texture. These styles were not meant for chemically straight hair. These styles are to put a shape to natural hair and chemically straight hair is only meant to be straight. Even if you curl relaxed hair the curls will not last long. So while you are transitioning please get protective styles. This would consist of braids, cornrows or weaves. Make sure that these styles are done professionally so the integrity of your hair is kept.

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